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JakPod, the salvation we've all waited for.

This little gem copies music from your machine to your Ipod and back. And that's it. No stupid syncing, no integrated music player or onlineshop. Who needs that shit? Yeah, thought so.

Jakpod doesn't give a fuck about iTunes' super-slick patentedâ„¢ database synchronising. You simply Drag&Drop music files (mp3 or aac) into the program window and they are instantly copied onto your Ipod. You go to a friend, he likes your mixtape and you copy that shit onto his drive, no questions asked. Apart from this basic functionality, Jakpod allows you to backup or clone your Ipod and even has a powerful option to try and repair corrupted Ipod databases. Neat!

I've been trying several other applications, namely Floola, Sharepod and Gtkpod, but none of those worked for me. It was just a constant flow of bugs, errors, missing libraries and not-detected devices. Jakpod worked out of the box and still does. The maintainer still provides updates from time to time as well as a comprehensive FAQ and Support Wiki.

As a Java application, this program is as portable as it gets. If you have the "Use my Ipod as a Drive"-option activated, you can even copy the program onto your Ipod, take it to your friends place and run it from there, wherever you are. [1]

Protip: If you're like me and have your music pirated from a manifold of dubious sources, the mp3 tags will be a mess. Your Ipod will probably throw the songs in a huge chaotic pile, put every song in a single album or whatever. Not even Jakpod can help you there. To prevent this, use an mp3 tag modifier [2] to wipe the metadata and write some consistent album identifiers.

[1] Note: Linux users might run into problems as the Ipods filesystem does not know nothing about Unix file permissions. So your friends' Archbox won't be able to run the program directly from the Ipod. He'll have to copy it to his home directory and run chmod 700 first.

[2]Windows: Small Mp3tag iconMp3tag
Ubuntu: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/lucid/tagtool/