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I’ve tested a bunch of players on Windows and JRiver Media Center is for me the best musical library management. Very intuitive to use, fast to open, quick filters, easy tags modifications. Ripping a CD or converting a file is easy. And automatic library update from the music directory.

But, for my ears, it’s not the best music player. So I use an external music player in combination with JRiver Media Center.

Another bad point?: you must pay for each new version. A little boring but I stayed more than 5 years with a version without any compatibility problem. And as they consider the program delivers the best sound, they don’t want to work on this part. So I don’t need to upgrade :-)

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Don't even waste your time trying this program. I tested it to see if it was any good and found it slow, antiquated and buggy. What's worse, the only support you can get, even for paying customers, is through a forum managed by the lunatic owner(JimH)of the company that develops this program. Avoid at all costs!


Well, you did not test the same program. I never met a bug and it’s fast.