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Nagware. iZip is the only free archiver for Mac that allows you to 'preview' what's inside of an archive (like usual in Windows) instead of unarchive it right away. iZip sometimes fail to open particular archive files that 'regular' archiver Keka can open.

Unregistered version of iZip will show you nag screen for every 2 archive files you open. And the best part of it, it's placed on top of all windows. The "Register Later" button is disabled for 10 seconds, where closing and reopening iZip / clicking "Register Now" then focus back to iZip is definitely faster.

For $25, ignore iZip. There's a better archiver for the same price named... BetterZip. It is literally better than any archiver for Mac.

[Edited by AB6hyF0, May 10]

[Edited by AB6hyF0, May 10]