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I got a lifetime membership for about $50 on Humble Bundle (I think). Sometimes newer VPNs do that to build a base and get their names out so they can grow. After using it for about 2 months in college, I have to say it's sorely lacking. It will just disconnect by itself sometimes while I'm still torrenting files. This shouldn't be a big problem because they do have a kill switch built in. However, it is because the kill switch usually doesn't work. Also, when I have the kill switch on and I close out of the program, it will mess with my ability to connect to wifi.

I once got an email about streaming some Russian fight through a website. I wasn't into mma, but I had a couple friends who were so I invited them over and planned to make a day out of it. When it came time, my VPN wouldn't connect to the Russian servers and we didn't watch a single minute of the fight