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iThoughts Reviews

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iThoughts has a ton of features but manages to provide a clean an easy front end for your (well at least my) mapping desires. It is not limited to hierarchical "tree structures" but can also be a strong "concept mapper". It is versatile, imports and exports all kind of document types, speaks Markdown and has an iOS counterpart that has no reason to hide behind it's desktop counterpart. Did I forget to say that is also good looking (has good template support with lots of options)

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iThoughtsHD, Freeplane and Bonsai

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iThoughtsHD has some great import/export features. I use it as file format converter between Freeplane and Natara Bonsai 5 Desktop Edition on the PC. I import Freeplane's .mm file into iThoughtsHD, convert it into a .OPML file, and then import it into Bonsai (after having installed the OPML export filter from the CarbonFin website).


You can find a great variety of exports, opml included, with Mindomo.