iSpring TalkMaster Reviews

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TalkMaster is an interesting tool with which you can create branching dialogue trees.

It's relatively simple but has an easy to use, very visual interface that lets you create conversation simulations quickly.

It includes an "emotion meter" as an indicator to your learners as to how they're doing in the simulation.

Custom content can be imported smoothly and easily.

Like many iSpring tools, one of its strong points is its good integration with the rest of iSpring Suite.

This means that you can record voiceover in-program and edit it using iSpring's Audio Editor, for example.

It's quite robustly programmed, as well; I haven't come across any bugs or awkwardness so far while using it.

Overall, it's a nice program. Along with the rest of iSpring Suite, it's one of many ways to add interest and interactivity to your eLearning courses.


Straightforward and Efficient Branching Dialog

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iSpring Talkmaster is a very useful tool for creating quick and effective branching dialog simulations for eLearning. We can very easily use it to turn around a branching dialog script and have it fully developed and outputted to SCORM without the need for a background in programming and dealing with complicated software. We have even been able to have writers write content and set up the branching simulation themselves instead of going back and forth with a development team which is immensely helpful.


A really ONE of a kind development tool

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While many of us have created similar 'dialogue simulations' with various dev tools (or even hand-coded in HTML/HTML5), iSpring has now made this entire authoring process painless, easy to author/develop, and all with the added bonus of built-in interactivity…all in one convenient and easy-to-use tool, TalkMaster Conversation Simulation Tool.

Aside from the using it for dialogue simulations, I've leveraged TalkMaster's extensive customization to create a very cool FAQ experience, focused on the learner.

With its node-based editing interface and ability to extend each scene with images, audio, and video, TalkMaster is the very definition of creating a 'branching scenario'. I haven't seen anything like it - especially nothing as robust - in a dev tool.