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I love the product, it singled itself out of all other QuizMakers. It is rather unfortunate that non of my suggestion posted last year were not used. It is the very issue i am gonna address right now. I reported the fact that the developer would make use of parallax effect.

1- Developer should have integrated more text boxes
2- Deveoloper should thing about making a choice of user a bigger traditional scroll bar or using the one he already put in place.
3- If you are using a long text , It is not possible to select text with the mouse right to the bottom at ones just a portion.
4- We need more buttons on the test interface and personalized option. Also the shapes of the buttons could be rounded , rectangular or squared.
5- Background color is another serious issue, for example i type M and i wish to give it a background color , that does not work with the product
6- Justify ,text to align make left end and right end straight, nothing was done for that too.
7- iSpring does not allow test scores to be placed in Categories , for example i decide to place a score of 30/100 in the Begginer level and i want that after user submits it is posted on the screen saying you scored 30/100 and says fair, good or poor, you are in the Beginner level. Same thing with lower intermediate, and other levels.
8-scroll down text and keep answers to test takers view at all time.


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Decent Test Software

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QuizMaker Pro is one of the more elegant test-making solutions out there on the market. Its interface is able to make sophisticated quiz questions that will allow you to make almost any kind of question. While the software is better than some of the alternatives, I did note a couple annoyances with the software, however, this may be due to the main purpose of the software, creating quizzes for educators. Here are the overall pros and cons.


  • Elegant Interface

  • Can make numerous question types to include Hotspot (choose a selection on a graphic)

  • Able to create several hundred test questions within a single quiz with very little performance issues.

  • Able to publish quiz to web or exe file which allows others to take the tests you create.

  • Option to track test results on the iSpring website.

  • Able to create a survey rather than a test question.

  • Option to include blank slides for additional instructions for certain questions (and you can link them so they always stay together when questions are set to random).


  • No option to select X number of questions at a time when testing (it's all or nothing).

  • Does not give the option to show the correct answer when testing (not so good if you are using this for practice).

  • Software comment area in the "Feedback and branching" section occasionally slows down when working with large numbers of questions (this can be fixed by saving/exiting and re-launching the program).

Overall, I recommend this software for educators and students who are looking for a way to make practice tests for lessons.


Corporate Events Manager - Fluence Bioeningeering

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The iSpring QuizMaker solution was sought after specifically creating standalone quiz stations for trade shows. The product features, ease of navigation and expandable range of complexity allows growth in the future. What is very apparent is the passion and commitment by their sales and service staff to exceed well beyond the value of the product. Outstanding service goes to Paul Bender for patience and expertise the went well beyond expectation. Thank you Paul and thank you iSpring Solutions!


iSpring QuizMaker Review

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iSpring QuizMaker has proven to be an excellent tool for creating and administering quizzes for our organization. It is easy to use, very intuitive, and provides the reporting capability we were looking for. If you are in the market for an excellent quiz making software, I strongly recommend giving iSpring QuizMaker a try!