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I Spring Learn is outstanding. If you are looking for a vibrant, but extremely user friendly LMS for both the administrator and the learner-this is the choice for you. The IT support is hands down superior to my previous LMS. I Spring was there every step of the way as I developed over 40 hours of rich and engaging training materials in a Learning Path that is captured, tracked and reported accurately and efficiently. Thank you I Spring!

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iSpring Learn is a wonderful platform where we had the possibility to upload several courses for employees. iSpring Learn along with iSpring suite, winner combinationn. Just some recomendations:

  • It would be great Group the Learning paths in folders.

  • More levels in the Learning Paths

  • It is often that the page loads wrong and we need to refresh several times in order to have the page working correctly.

Besides this, it is really good.

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I’ve stumbled upon this LMS when I was trialing iSpring Suite, their authoring tool. The biggest advantage it has over other similar SaaS solutions is in my opinion, the learner inteface.
It provides one of the most user-friendly learner experiences.
While it doesn’t have an online course builder and it requires you to use same vendor’s desktop authoring tool to harness the full power of the reports (SCORMs are supported though), it can be a great choice for mid-size companies who want to quickstart their own online learning platform.
Again, for those that want to try it out – it’s best when used in pair with same vendor’s authoring software.