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iSmoothRun is unusual in that...

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... it just captures information from walk/run etc from a large variety of sensors and then exports it to other services.

It also has the best GPS tracking of any app I've tried, mainly because it will switch to accelerometer tracking if the location data isn't good enough (and it's configurable).

It also uses M7 in iPhone 5s to record steps (with very low battery usage).

Because of this, I use iSmoothRun as my tracker, but then use the likes of RunKeeper, Endomondo and Strava to visualise the data, look at trends, performance etc.

The reason why I came here today is to see if there is an Android app that does these things as well as iSmoothRun does.

If you're just after a one-stop tracker/visualiser and don't live in an urban area where GPS is poor and don't care much about step/stride accuracy over long periods of time, then the other apps will be fine on their own.

But to restate: I use iSmoothRun in combination with other services and their apps.