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best video downloader on the market, but icons are ugly & outdated, download speed is good.


Killer App

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This is the best downloader I have ever tried.
It's a killer app, which is why I now use a PC instead of a Mac.
Strongly recommended.


Small Free Download Manager iconFree Download Manager is similar but it is free

Download Manager No! Awesome Download Accelerator: Yes!!

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I have been using Internet Download Manager for a few weeks now from my personal laptop while working from home. Unfortunately I suffer from work related file transfer needs and that all too common modern ailment of internet consumerism.

In an attempt to try and deal with downloading of files from various sources from HTTP directory listings off IIS to grabbing a video from popular streaming sites I decided to give IDM a swing.

Well after becoming I believe entirely up to speed on how to use IDM, I am of two minds on this product. So before I get down to the Internet past time of bashing someones hard work let me praise it.

Ability to capture downloads from browsers and clipboard are as expected. It just works, and to boot there is the ability to tweak this so as to avoid capturing certain sites for example into IDM. Which is great if you may be handling downloads or links bound for other tools and not IDM, cause dismissing dialog boxes over and over again is the alternative, and surely a source of annoyance.

If you want to grab a video from a streaming site such as YouTube or in my experience any random site for that matter IDM will probably have you covered. The documentation and site said that IDM will grab FLV content, but appears to pull down MP4 and other formats. Which is excellent, cause IMO FLV is less than ideal, you get options of various formats and quality of the video to download if available.

Using chrome I found the Download video button to behave less than ideal. I with that thing would just go away and stay away after I press X.

Also IDM usually obtains the base referrer from which a download was sourced, rather than giving you some intermediate CDN or download servers cryptic path and name. Which is great, since you can check a downloads properties and find the original webpage the file came from if you need to.

What I would of liked is the ability for IDM to just capture the audio output of the stream and dump it out to MP3 for example. IDM not being able to do this is understandable, IDM is a download tool, not a media conversion product, I recognize that but it would be nice.

Sometimes I just need to listen to what is being said and any video content is just a waste of space and furthermore it is nice to be able to extract the audio and push it all into one format.

On second thoughts perhaps this might be a bad idea, cause it might make it easy for people to "steal" music videos and extract the audio into an MP3 file. Might be an issue?? Anyways I digress.

IDM also can handle authentication if necessary to access resources in FTP, HTTP and of course HTTPS transports. However totally lacking in SFTP support, which completely drops this product out of the running for use in business. I might get back to that.

IDM grabber works ok, it can parse/spider a website and extract all the links for download with the ability to limit the spiders traversal. I have some reservations on this part of the product, but it does get the job done, not best of breed, but it should please most people and let down few.

So the above is some fundamental capabilities of IDM, however this products true talent is in acceleration of downloads. IDMs heart is what appears to be a very capable and fast download acceleration engine.

The engine will save you time by pulling files down to your PC as quickly as the source servers will feed it too you. And sometimes faster than they might actually want to. Simple example is IDM may divide a file to be downloaded into 4 sections and then download those 4 sections concurrently.

My experience is that even in single part per file, the download engine is built for speed.

That is my bottom line for people with this product, the core strength is download acceleration. Everything else really is just supporting this capability. So this app will save you time by grabbing your downloads into one tool, sucking the files down to your PC real fast.

That is it, I am serious.

I am positive IDM will suite most people, however it is not by any means a File Transfer / Synchronization / Content Monitor / Backup / unattended automation system for business or power users. It is an interactive user application, ok, there are much more suitable tools available for businesses\infrastructure.

Nearly done, time for my whinge about IDM, it has an awful UI. Yes my issue with it is subjective and could only effect myself. However I think the product could do with some seriously dialog box slimming to start with.

Please do not consider my thoughts on the User Interface of IDM to imply that it is seriously flawed or difficult to use. It could be better and clearer, however the Documentation is accurate and will help you if you need any help.

An example is the Site Grabber, the interface to this functionality is not clear and concise and I would imagine limits its utility to many users. My colleague commented that the documentation artwork contained a better concept of how to represent a part of how this feature works.

If the team behind IDM can make the workings of this tool more streamlined while increasing the clarity to users it would in my mind justify the quite steep pricing. Yes the heart of the product is strong that cannot be disputed in my mind, it is just let down by some missing features but mostly the poor UI.

Finally IDM is translated to Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Uzbek languages.

Which is a pretty mighty list of languages, it even includes Thai which is a rarity and a welcomed capability. I would like to see the inclusion of Bahasa Malaysia & Bahasa Indonesian to this list.


Worth buying

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+Worth buying.
+Kind support team.
+Trick to make download faster: if the site support resumebility, after several MB (i.g. 30 MB each parallel download), pause it, and the speed will be much faster.

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It is so good at downloading YouTube vids, and many others. It is regularly updated and runs reliably and quickly. Great value.

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"Rocket" downloader !
Fastest possible speed achieved with this piece of software.
I've used iGetter for a few years but finally gave up on it; didn't feel that much comfortable with the UI.
IDM is way better and faster IMO

Got a "lifetime" license and i'm happy with that...


Very good program!

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This program is very easy to use and has a good UI
It does it's job very well
It downloads files faster, and enables the resuming of downloads
I would recommend it


Best Download manager by quite a length

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I hv recently switched from DAP to this, and its amazing, although it may seem a lil off but its totally worth it
Buy this they deserve the support

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King of all download managers. I use it on my windows 2003 server in a chicago based datacenter with a 100mbs port.
It accelerates my downloads at least 20 times. Using IDM I can use full speed of my port, other download managers simply fail to do so.

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FDM is better free alternative because it has same features