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Good software, but I have problems with memory consumption, in linux:
with a time of use occupies the entire memory, freeze and close.
So, using only for vectorization (trace bitmap) which is very useful.


Nice Vector App

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The cons: Why the hell is the Y-axis reversed?
There should be a Pixel Layout as default instead of millimeters or inches.
Moved and scaled objects are based on translations with original positions. You want to make a clean object with rounded coordinates to have sharp strokes on the display, but the coordinates in the .svg file are high precision floating numbers.
Saving documents to a plain .svg are also bigger compared to other commercial vector-graphics apps.
A clean document should be like this:

svg width="400" height="400" viewBox="0 0 400 400"
circle cx="200" cy="200" r="180" stroke="red" fill="aqua"
A simple circle which should be 3 lines big, but is a few times larger with some garbage information and translation coordinates.


Easy to automate raster to vector conversion.

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I use Inkscape to convert or redraw rastered images as vector images. It's easy to use, works on GNU/Linux and is totally free. I love it!

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I building a new company database, I need ia viewer to guide my graphic designer through logo and other document designs our signs on streets ..etc.
because its free and easy tools too.


Inkscape SVG not always cross platform but more pros than cons.

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Great program, does things that Illustrator can't but it does fall over or die with bigger files.

Pros: colour picker way better than Illustrator
Pros: brilliant tiled clones feature
Pros: auto trace image more sensitive than illustrator
Pros: Love the spray gun!
Pros: easier path simplify and path manipulation tools
Pros: Easy resize document! Just try this in Illustrator....

Cons: no pressure sensitivity yet (illustrator brought this in years ago)
Cons: Can't handle big vector files, dies on some operations.
Cons: Funky SVG format.
Cons: Path manipulation (boolean / join / difference / exclusion etc not always predictable. Sometimes have to use layers to work - sometimes not.

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Good alternative to Illustrator or Corel Draw

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The best svg editor and it's libre and open-source !


Looks blurry on ratina display macbook pro

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Is not usable on macbook pro as the UI and canvas is blurry.


Invest in Illustrator

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I downloaded this application on two separate occasions and on two different machines. The first was on my personal Mac to see how the freeware compared to Illustrator. When it bugged out on my Mac I assumed it was because I was using a roundabout way to get it to run and that was the problem. Fast forward to over a year later and I downloaded it again on a PC for work related projects. Turns out my original assumption was incorrect and this program is buggy all the way through.

The interface looks outdated
Handling is terrible
Guides don't lock
Objects don't snap
Crashes all the time
The layers feature is a pain to navigate

are just a few among a number of problems with this software. I worked with it for 3 months and was never able to over come these issues. If its just a learning curve its a big one.

It's impossible to get the professional quality work from this application that you can get with Illustrator. If you need a vector program for work or school, its no contest. Save yourself time and headache. Invest in illustrator.


It also doesn't configure itself. Sadly you have to do that manually. And much of the problems have been solved. Especially the crashing one, it's much more stable now, and even automatically saves.
But the layers features is still indeed more clunky.