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Beautiful, thought-fully designed, cross-platform.

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Update: 2018-04-05

I recently re-visited Inkdrop. The project has made some progress in the past 12 months. However, on closer inspection, I think there are some deficiencies:

  • Editing in the mobile (Android) version is inconvenient and under-developed.
  • It is not possible to attach any other type of file to a note than an image.
  • The roadmap for 2018 is, at least to my eye, a little on the meek side.
  • If you're rocking any version that's not absolutely the most up-do-date one, you'll see an incredibly annoyining popup every 30 minutes, reminding you of the fact and inviting you to update. That's annoying because a) I might not want to update; b) I might not be able to update (e.g. if I'm on an unsupported Linux distribution). There is no way of turning the notification off, and there are already several comments complaining about this on the Inkdrop forum.
  • The developer seems quite iOS/MacOS oriented, and I'm not sure Linux is his priority. I advise him to make a flatpak or snap version of InkDrop to minimize the effort in making sure as many Linux distros as possible can use the app.

None of the above detracts from my previous comments (see below).
I have, however, found an alternative project, which is open source and quickly catching up with Inkdrop: Boostnote. It's a very active project aiming at approximately the same space as Inkdrop. It has slightly less functionality in the desktop client (e.g. no shortcuts to insert markdown) and no sync (you save to a local folder and sync using whatever service you like). On the other hand, the mobile app has better formatting options and there's a growing community of people behind. it.

Written: 2017-03-15

This is easily the best commercial (non open-source) note-taking app based on markdown. The moment you type any markdown syntax, it converts it to the representative size/format in front of your eyes in real time, which is absolutely lovely. Inkdrop also supports editing and preview mode (you can view either or both at the same time), comes with some nice theming options, note tagging, instant search and allows you to embed images in your notes (but not, e.g. pdf files). Inkdrop is aimed primarily at web developers but would be suitable for others too, I'm sure. Each note can also be optionally categorized as "active", "on hold", "active" or "dropped", which is a nice touch.

Inkdrop is all very user-friendly and looks absolutely fantastic.

It runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux (.deb) and supports sync if you get a paid account ($5/month). At $60/year that's towards the expensive end, but you might just like it enough to want to support the project. There is also a handful of plugins available - all currently in beta - based on a system similar to that found in Atom.

Your data is stored in Japan, it seems, and although the privacy policy is relatively basic, the idea is that your data is at least transmitted with SSL encryption (I guess it's TLS, actually) and with AES-256/PBKDF2 server-side encryption (read here for more info). That's much better than Evernote (read my review here), but still not end-to-end encrypted like Turtl, which means that, as I understand Inkdrop's model, in principle your data could be read by the server owners. Then again, they claim to have no ability to reset your password, which suggests they don't have the decryption keys, unlike, most online services. That might be because the Inkdrop uses a separate service for its servers.

If you're looking for a beautiful, syncable Markdown editor and you don't mind it not being open source, give this a spin. You get the fully featured version for free for the first 60 days. It's hard not to like. If you're determined to get something similar that is open source, have a look at Turtl, Laverna and Atom.

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It's an amazing cross platform note taking and writing piece of software. The perfect amount of options where they count the most: host your own data or let them, access all of your data from an API anywhere in the world, and it looks beautiful with multiple themes to choose from.

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Cool UI, developer very quick to respond to bugfix and fix them.
Only downside is the lack of a web version.


Glad I found this

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The search for the perfect note-taking app is finally over. It's elegant, well designed, simple, and functional.

  • beautiful interface
  • markdown is formatted as you type
  • backup to your local computer
  • sync between your devices
  • export notes to files
  • tags and multiple notebooks
  • advanced search filters
  • privacy: transport and data at rest encryption
  • extensible with user provided plugins
  • use your own servers!
  • good documentation
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This is what I have been looking for - Markdown note-taking app which can (almost) replace Evernote. Enthusiastic, committed developer with a realistic approach to the business model: charging a reasonable fee means higher probability this product will survive (and evolve). It's an Electron app, so a little slow to start. Would like to be able to access/edit notes in Chrome browser, but overall this is a great product.

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I like markdown for taking daily notes for research and inkdrop has got a really good start at providing a notebook solution for markdown notes, the updates are coming frequently so I'm looking forward to see how this app continues to grow but hopefully remain simple and lean.

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Responsive developer behind it, nice UI. Secure database.

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Notes in Markdown, makes future sure.
Good UI, developer friendliy and responsive.

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Needed a dedicated place for code snippets / Math based notes / install guidelines, etc. The most important thing for me is that it followed githubs conventions for markdown. So I can copy paste my notes straight to a .md file.

It is a much better alternative than boostnote in my opinion. Small Boostnote iconBoostnote feels disjointed since its made as an open source community. Inkdrop right off the bat felt intuitive and easy to use. You can tell its made by one developer just by using it. All the native hotkeys are well thought out. I find myself agreeing to all the decisions and choices the solo developer of this app has made.

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