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Whoever wrote the above writeup for Info Select Appears to be unaware that it was available LONG before the advent of the Windows OS (albeit under the name “Tornado Notes”) — for I used this Venerable program for YEARS PRIOR to Windows. And I LOVED it (Well ... Back THEN I did) -- Bizarrely, the company [Miclog] which produces Info Select (—which remains a Wonder, BTW) decided to price this great software WAY Out of the Market; and the vast horde of former users made their exit to any of the NUMEROUS other Info-Managers -- of which, of course, there are simply TONS of nowadays -- •Evernote, •Zim, •Simplenote, •OneNote, •AllMyNotes, •Notezilla, •Joplin, And •ETC., And ETC.

My, How the Mighty have Fallen ! !


Way over priced ... there are plenty of alternatives