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Has a trojan
This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.

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Download and setup are very economic at < 6MB

Help file is in mangled English, I gave up on it (needs better translation)
No documenation on dev'rs website.
No screenshots on dev'rs website
I gave up on InfoBase too difficult trying to understand how it is structured.

The GUI is a nightmare with overwhelming number of icons (23) on main toolbar.
MenuBar; 2 menus are too tall for program window (even on my 23inch monitor)
Toolbars and menus cannot be customized to hide unwanted features.

If relevant window states were monitored, and unneccessary controls hidden ... !
The use of two level menus instead of current one level could also make the toolbar menus less overwhelming..
It is possible, I have done it with a 64 item addon menu in Excel, that displayed a max of 12 items,
by using monitoring, sub menus and hiding instead of disabling controls.

Currently my preference is Mempad.