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Imperva Incapsula Reviews

Incapsula SUCKS!!!

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In my experience, they are the most unethical company to work with EVER! Worse than Comcast & AT&T combined!

They are masters of the 'Bait & Switch' sales techniques, and regardless of what you agree to when you sign up, you ACTUAL costs will always be MUCH higher (usually more than DOUBLE) than what you were quoted.

Oh yea, and get used to TONS of annoying pop-ups and blocked pages, and lots of complaints from your customers, because there's no way to 'fine tune' or modify the software, beyond the settings that you're stuck with.

And speaking of "STUCK", you will be STUCK in a 1 year contract, that you cannot get out of, even within the first 30 days (which is all it will take to see that you've made the wrong choice!!!). You'll have to limp through a full year of service that you regret, so get ready to start counting the days until you can get away from these guys!