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Imgur is terrible now, it doesn't allow you to post a image via a mobile device unless you download their app, no thanks! It became instantly useless for me.

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Nothing for serious photographers - more a playground for children.

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I'm rating this from the viewpoint of image hosting. Imgur used to be the simplest, easiest image host that I could find. It's still decent, but as the years go by they keep stripping features from the image hosting area and forcing me more and more towards the awful front page and social "meme-sharing" functionality they've branched out to. There is no good reason to strip out perfectly working features such as view styles and album overview other than to force users to change how they use your platform. I just want to create an album and share it, why must I go through 10 hard-to-find sub menus to get there when previously an easy overview was one dropdown away?

Imgur is still one of the best image hosts around, for now, due to their stability. They've been here this long and won't be leaving any time soon, so it's unlikely you will lose your images. That said, they seem determined to become more of a social network than a good image host and the moment a solid replacement shows up, I will be leaving.


7000 custom-made images + gifs later through

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yeah i pretty much live off this image host thanks imgur

Pair this up with something like shareX Small ShareX iconShareX and you'll just imgur link everything such as

  • taking annotated gif notes
  • annotated image notes
  • pushing images into blog posts
  • into other applications like airtable
  • make awful diagrams that get the point across
  • etc

The moment my links wither away will be a sad day for me

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love the site. hate the new app (Android). It's good but I don't like the extra unnecessary background stuff. I guess they got to get paid somehow.


The king of image sharing

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There's little competition when it comes to image sharing.

And what's bonkers is that most of it is free. I have no idea how they sustain the server costs, but I can't help but be grateful.


No crap

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I never use Photobucket or Imageshack anymore. Too much crap on their website. I don't care about managing albums, I don't care about today's popular images, I don't care about your stupid bulk uploader. Just give me a page that I can drop screenshots onto. Imgur is great in that regard.