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No need for an update doesn't make it dead

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There's no reason to update it.
It supports all current and past optical drives.
It supports all optical media current and past. Including laser active, HD-DVD and gdrom (double data CD-R), bluray from single to quad layer, bdrw, DVD-ram. There's really no need for an update until some new media method comes out.

It uses the media's ID to see what the disc is and will support; then looks for the toc to see if there's anything on it. Burns to any and every blank laser media ever made.
I wouldn't expect an update until 12K BD media comes out, or one of the holographic medias.

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Just downloaded and installed this from, there was absolutely no malware installed along with it. None.


It's fine...

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Don't listen to the other commenters, I just installed and it allows you to not install the extra programs. If you pay attention and uncheck any additional software, it will only install ImgBurn and nothing else.


or you can just install Small Unchecky iconUnchecky to automatically uncheck

Great tool!

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Earlier I used Nero, but ImgBurn is better and free ;)


I also used to use it. It was OK. But then I realized it installs the vicious malware Conduit Search. So when I got a new PC I realized how stupid I had been and refused to install it this time. The bloated crapware that came with the machine is better than this.

True, the bundled junkware is annoying, but understandable considering that the app is free. It is also completely avoidable and deselectable as long as you don't have the attention span of a gnat and an itchy trigger-finger on the mouse button.

ZERO stars

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installation wrapper contains malware, opencandy, and installs a variety of malware if the naive users fails to "opt" out.



Agreed. Will stick to InfraRecorder.

Imgburn does not install any other software. Just be careful what links you click. But that's not unique here. Most software sites are littered with deceptive download button ads. I can sometimes be quite a challenge to find the correct link.

Yes, it does.


There is a big difference between being "careful what [...] you click" and being careful what you don't click. Especially when the adware is presented under the guise of being a security feature, misleading less informed users.

But for all I know you're the developer, who appears to have gone through great lengths to remain anonymous.

Given the choice between open source software and freeware with malicious* adware packed in, I'll take the open source software any day. Especially when there's feature parity.

*Note that the software will even try to prevent changes to the browser settings after replacing the home and search pages.

I'm not the developer, I just like the software.

Are you sure this is an original installer, and not a wrapper from some download repository like cnet? I have te same version, that just installs imgburn, and does not contain this screen, nor any adware.

The file in question was downloaded at

So, no, straight from the source.

(Tested on a Windows XP Pro virtual machine.)

Weird. Maybe it's because I use spywareblaster or that my firewall is set very strict? Often this sort of crap is downloaded during installation.

Always reliable

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In my experience, I've always found ImgBurn to be the most reliable burning tool for making bootable CDs and DVDs. The default burning tools built into Windows 7 and Mac OS X are okay, but they still trip up more often than I would like. ImgBurn is the only one that works every time.

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This, by far, is my favorite burning app. It's simple, effective, and just works. Like karden said, I can't believe Nero is still around. Nero is bloatware, and difficult to use for an ordinary end-user. If you haven't given imgBurn a shot, do it now.

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Tried this, but went back to CDBurnerXP.

I like CDBurnerXP's interface much more, ImgBurn is a little too minimal.

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I really like that it's free, but I can't seem to drag/drop files into a compilation (have to click a bunch of buttons first), nor can I quick-erase a DVD+RW (I can only full erase, which takes ages. I guess my TTSCorp cheap drive is not supported?).

So back to Infrarecorder it is, much better interface (drag drop) and a working quick erase option.
Even though that has the big disadvantage of burning slower...

Nero combines speed with quick erase and the easy interface, but even then it's really not worth the current 50 euro they're asking. I'd rather wait 10 more minutes per disk.

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Simple and clean, and best of all: free. It won't be the 100% replacement for Nero, but it's good.

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The best Windows burner (and ISO creator). Simple to use but lots of options for the power user.


One of the best ISO burners

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One of the best and easiest ISO burners available, paid or otherwise.


Nero will not be missed :P

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I've been living fine with only ImgBurn. You can use it to burn everything from disc images to data discs, audio CD, DVDs, etc. It doesn't support encoding/conversion of files though.

Nero will not be missed :P


WAS a good software. Now it is a MALWARE!

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As of May 2015, the latest version installer will include the adware/spamware/malware OpenCandy with no option to stop it!
Earlier versions included checkboxes under "Custom"/"Advanced" installation settings to opt out installing any of this adware/spamware/malware. This is no longer available!

Norton Antivirus has now marked this software as a malware and rightly so!

The only way to avoid install the malware is, as claimed on the OpenCandy website, is to either

  • disconnect your system from the internet during installation
  • include "/NOCANDY" switch in the command line in executing the installer
  • configure your router to block all "*" connections

All of which are complex steps beyond the average system user who would unknowingly install this software which is intentionally inserting malware into their system *with absolutely no acknowledgement or even notification of it except in the bottom half of the 'Terms & Conditions' documentation.

DO NOT RECOMMEND OR PROMOTE THIS SOFTWARE to anyone who isn't capable of the above steps!

Even so, there is the lack of trust for such statements from a company who's profits rests on the concept of (and has a history of) developing malware with rootkits and hijacking user's systems without consent.

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Yes, it's true. But if you skip to install other software, it will be great application. Don't forget skip!

As for opting out of software, I find using Small Unchecky iconUnchecky to be very helpful for catching these types of things.