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ImDisk is the best ramdisk I could find for Windows OS.

Lightweight, open source and very functional, ImDisk allow you to create virtual drives (ramdisks) directly on your PC RAM (be careful, all ramdisks data is lost when you shutdown or restart your system).
ImDisk ramdisks are very flexible, able to be extended, saved or deleted after creation.

ImDisk is also able to mount images files like .iso files but this functionality is not the main software job and others programs do it better than ImDisk.

———— My configuration ————

I personally launch a .bat file on the startup of Windows to build a 4Gb B:\ drive (I have 16Gb of RAM).
It allow me to store system temp files (in B:\Cache\Temp), browsers cache (in B:\Cache) and working files contents (directly in B:).
There are many reason to locate cache and temp file on a ramdisk, but if you have a SSD drive and want to grow it lifespan, you should read this page.

How to :

Change location of TEMP Windows files folder

Change Firefox Cache location

Auto-launch a 4Gb B:\ drive at your PC startup :

  • Create a "ImDisk_Startup.txt" file
  • Copy/Past this code :
@echo off
if exist "B:\" (
	echo B: drive can't be created because it already exist.
) else (
	C:\WINDOWS\system32\imdisk.exe -a -s 4G -m B: -o rem -p "/fs:ntfs /v:Ramdisk /q /y"
	ping localhost -n 1 > NUL
	mkdir B:\Cache\Temp\
  • change 4G with 1G if you want a 1Gb drive
  • change 4G with 512M if you want a 512Mb drive
  • change B: if you want an other drive letter (be careful, it appear 3 times in the code)
  • save the file
  • rename the file as a .bat file (ImDisk_Startup.bat)
  • move the file to "C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" (Change YOUR_NAME with your username)
  • if it doesn't work because of security system or it always display format message box when you startup, change the .bat file location and launch it with a schedule task

.BIN files are not supported!

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  • And neither does its "brosoftware" ImDiskToolkit.

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