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  1. The company doesn't tell on their website that the free version is limited in functions.
  2. When I was uninstalling it, it gave a message that all the backups will be kept and in order to delete them you'd need to use their software again. What the ...?
    Anyway, I had to use a good uninstalling software 'cause this program had left lots of leftovers.

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The app works okay, but expect to continue paying about $20 every year or so for "upgrades". There aren't really upgrades since the incremental feature content is not very meaningful, but they stop supporting iOS updates at a certain point on each version. This happened when I bought DiskAid and then again when I bought iMazing (which replaced DiskAid). Now I have to buy iMazing 2 since I upgraded from iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.3. Really!?! That's just sleazy business. I'm going to find an alternative.


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A full alternative to iTunes, without the bloat or bizarre layout. Helpful and responsive company as well. Worth every penny, and they continue to improve the product with each update. If only these things could be said of my iPhone as well...