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iMapping is different. It is hard to describe in what category the program falls exactly. It certainly does not look like your classic hierarchical Mind-Map, neither is it as simple as your average brainstorming tool. iMapping somehow combines parts of both areas into one program and it does so in a new way. But this also means, that it has a bit of a learning curve to use it. While Mind-Maps and Brainstorming tools als usually quite intuitiv, iMapping takes a bit until your brain figures out how to use it. The video on the website offers a good introduction though and watching it is really worth it.


  • combines hierarchy and openness
  • everything on "one" page
  • Intuitiv once you get the hang of it
  • All types of information can be stored (images, files, links)


  • you have to learn how to use it a bit
  • items do not position themselves (overlapping has to be solved manually)
  • Expensive if you are not a student

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