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Finally! A multi-format image viewer for Windows that supports SVG.

I have only been using ImageGlass for a few days now, but I am already so happy with it. For a long time I have wanted a simple image viewer that supports scalable vector graphics along with other popular raster & vector formats. ImageGlass has been the only free answer for Windows so far. It has a simple interface for browsing images in a very familiar manner. It can be customized to open images in external editors. There are probably many more settings & configurations that I haven't yet explored. After I have had more time with it I will update my review. For now, it gets 5 stars.

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Simple and easy to previewe PNG images with transparency.

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I love it. excellend replacement for windows built-in photo viewers

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prioritizing "upload to facebook" over the "open with" function is kind of dumb

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Worked fine on a couple of tiny little JPEGs but opening a completely normal, 12-megapixel JPEG from a camera causes it to completely bog the whole computer down to the point of being unresponsive and consume over 4GB of memory.

Unusable on anything but trivially small images.