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Comment by TimAustralia
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  • Also, I've found that the auto-arrange feature is actually a good 'motivational tool'. It's quite fun to make a little map of your ideas, and then how the auto-arrange feature would arrange those same nodes/thoughts.
    Note that you can auto-arrange not just the whole maps, but any nodes-and-links you select...'s only a small thrill (!), but it makes it more fun to write/think.

Comment by marcoguastavigna
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Concept maps and mind maps have a logical model and visually different. The alternatives to Cmap proposals are wrong because they are software to process mental maps.
This error is very serious but it is also very common among those who are visual thinking beginner.


Hi Marco,
I have removed some alternatives from our list. Give it a look :)
Users help is always appreciated ;)

You can also suggest or remove alternatives yourself.

Comment by TimAustralia
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  • A more obvious feature is that you can link nodes to other whole maps...Newbies should know that the way you GO TO the other map is by clicking on the actual NAME of the linked map, not just the little map symbol.

Comment by TimAustralia
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[continued from previous comment]


  • Don't hesitate too much to spread a large project over several maps. The search feature and linking makes this pretty workable.


  • I stick very strongly by my crit that you can't search inside nested nodes OR annotations. And also the text inside the node is supposed to be searchable but it didn't work when i tried it.


  • Also, some export formats don't always work properly. If you are using export to back up, make sure you check.

  • It seems difficult to make a style sheet for nodes that operates in all maps.

  • There is no easy way to store your cmaps (safely) in the folder of your choice (off of c-drive). You can do so at installation phase, but if you try to do that via a reinstall, it can be tricky...

  • Having search in toolbar would be nice, rather than having to call it up...esp considering this is an info-wrangling program so suited to large amts of data!

  • Would be nice if you had the choice to make nested nodes take the name of the top node, rather than having to make a whole new name

NOTE TO ALTERNATIVETO people: it would be good if people could EDIT their comments.
This would save:

  • having info that may turn out not to be true..many programs have alot of features that aren't easy to find at first.
  • a build-up of many comments, with often a bit of repetition
    After all, software is not some controversial subject where you have to prevent people 'changing it later';

Comment by TimAustralia
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ELABORATION...this product is rather awesome!

I've been using cmap tools for a few days now and some of its features are sufficiently useful that I've changed over to using it to write my book.

  • I've discovered it has a (little-known?) feature that allows you to easily LINK nodes to nodes in OTHER MAPS. One way you can do this is by having both maps open, and dragging a link-line ONTO the node in the other map you want to link to. This is EXTREMELY useful for me, and I'm sure others. Awesome!

  • I complained before about the fact that the link-lines have two legs (rather than the one used in most mm programs)...which can make for a real dog-legged mess of links as soon as you move a node. I must slightly alter my comments by adding:

  • there is an ADVANTAGE to this, in that you can actually link FROM LINKS, not just nodes. This is...awesome!
  • also: you can have a link that has just one leg.
    HOWEVER: these single-leg link lines can't be labelled. I see no reason why such a feature can't be easily added.
  • Adding and removing nodes to 'nested nodes' is still much more complicated than it needs to be, but given the coolness of it's other features, I'm putting up with it for now. What I've also found tho is that you can link from inside a nested set-of-nodes, right out to other nodes. Awesome!
    [see next comment]

Comment by TimAustralia
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Frankly, the two-legged connecting line thing ruins the whole is SO irritating!


Comment by TimAustralia
about CmapTools · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Could be v useful for study or to plan something like a book or project.

  • It is one of by far the easiest programs to quickly make nodes and links, and to label links

  • It has an open space - you are not tied to a 'master node' like most mindmappers. It's similar to the excellent Compendium in this.

  • Has a very cool auto-arrange feature

  • You can add both notes and annotations.

  • Also has an interesting feature called nesting. This allows you to put a group of nodes inside another node, and then make that node small. This COULD be a useful way to manage a large amount of info by temporarily hiding bits of it. HOWEVER...


  • You can't search:
  • inside nested nodes.
  • inside annotations and notes
    This limits the program a great deal if you want to use it to write a large text or organise a large project.
  • You can't just copy or throw nodes into nested nodes...
    Once you group a bunch of nodes into a nested node, that's it.
    To add more, it's a complex process.
    This greatly limits what could otherwise be an awesome feature, similar to Compendium's nesting abilities.

  • The links between nodes I found VERY irritating.
    For some reason the developers decided it was a good idea to give each link TWO legs - one on each side of the label, different to most other programs.
    So as soon as you start moving nodes around, you end up with a zig-zagging mess. It would be good if you could CHOOSE to just have the links in single lines. You will USE that auto-arrange!


Comment by ttmrichter
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Very nice package. Under Windows. On my Ubuntu system the editing pane is permanently blank. Pity it isn't open sourced so people could, you know, fix it when it breaks.


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