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Fails with Blu-Ray discs. Choose only IGNITION_LITE without the malware

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I have to fill up Blu-Ray single layer discs. Still expensive discs. Ignition (IGNITION.EXE) from KC Softwares included the RKVERIFY.EXE malware according to ESET NOD32. Not a good thing!
Kyle Katarn from KC Softwares responded quickly to point out that this warning is a false positive due to their sponsor, RK. Their "No RK" installer (IGNITION_NORK.EXE) or "Lite" installer (IGNITION_LITE) from their web site doesn't included RKVERIFY.EXE.
When I installed IGNITION_NORK.EXE, ESET NOD32 blocked outgoing web traffic to www.powerpackdl.com AVG reports 2 threats and Lavasoft and BitDefender are flagging this site too as suspicious and malicious. Again, not a good thing!
No problems seen with installing and using IGNITION_LITE. This is the only version you should try.
Ignition Lite v2.14.0.59 does not know the specification of Blu-Ray discs, but their is an option to add. The value of 25.025.314.816 bytes disappear after selection of another disc type.
Compared to DiscFit and and SizeMe, it is slow. It scans laborious all the folders and files to be included on the discs. But it fails in its task by seeing 25025314816 bytes as an invalid custom size. For Blu-Ray discs, Ignition doesn't work.