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Use iDrive as zero-knowledge solution for backing up your phone data.

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You can use Google/Apple to send/sync/backup your emails, contacts, links, geolocation and browsing info, but beware that these are scanned and analyzed and that your privacy is therefore a means by which they make a profit. Moreover, the US government is entitled by legal means to get that data from them without telling you (see National Security Letter).

Unfortunately, there are few options for phone backup that offer strong, "zero-knowledge" (meaning that the company you're using can't see the data - only an encrypted version - and do not have the key to decrypt it; your privacy is respected). iDrive's app is one of them, and it's free to use if you don't exceed 5GB of data. iDrive's app is also one of very few that offer a feature-rich option set to backup your phone's data, including contacts. Other services, like SpiderOak and Tresorit are excellent, but their phone apps do not offer this.


Highly Flawed

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This was my first experience with cloud storage. I paid for the 1TB fee-based version. The initial upload of my 133GB SSD took over 48 hours. Vendor replied to emails, but would not address specific questions. Upload speed was nowhere near my available bandwidth. Interface is confusing and data reporting appears to be inaccurate. In less than a week, our storage in the cloud had reached twice the data level on the SSD being backed-up. I have no confidence in this company or their software. I canceled my account and asked for a full refund.

Like many people, I was duped into buying this software and service due to all the positive reviews online. Well, take the time to read the many negative user comments. This company sucks you in with a discounted price, then appears to suck data into the cloud until your account has an overage. Then they hit you with big charges, which they can do because they have your credit card number.

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Great price for an almost great product. One problem is that syncing is really bad. Syncing between multiple computers often results in files disappearing. If it weren't for that I'd rate 4 or 5 stars.