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Chronos support for iClipboard is non-exixtent

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I have had the same problem with iClipboard for numerous versions. The problem occurs when I select and copy ANYTHING, iClipboard opens an error window indicating "library not found." This happens at least a third of the time, regardless of the application I am working in. Beyond this annoyance the App performs as it should. To move on with my work I first have to cancel the "find library" and then close the window. When I finally can select where I want to Past the copied item or text it works fine (or I would have dumped it years ago). I have sent in numerous requests for support with included concise descriptions of the problem along with several screenshots. No response.

I have NEVER received a response other automated email promising a personal response in 24 to 72 hours. There website says that they are experiencing an unusual number or requests so responses may take as long as 72 hours. Good luck, I have been waiting for 3 YEARS. Since Aug. 2014 I submitted three support tickets, including a request for a refund in August 2015. On their "Check Ticket Status" page, the tickets I submitted in 2014 and 2015 are still shown as "Pending." No kidding!

This same error has persisted unaddressed in versions 4 and 5 (if not before) and on at least four different Mac OS X versions. Version 6 is now out. I own Versions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Yeah, I know, but I wanted to believe they would fix it. Enough already.

In short, the product had potential but support is non-existent. I suggest you do like me and find an alternative. It is clear to me that Chronos gave up on iClipboard long ago. If you find one you like, please post it here!