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Icinga2 isn't built with automated deployment in m...

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The authors say that Icinga2 isn't built with automated deployment in mind so it's not very friendly to Ansible, Chef, or Puppet. You can't have Icinga2 realize that you've added a new node to your cluster and automatically provision monitoring for it.

There are no easy guidelines on how to add graphs to your installation. The official documentation mentions installing a plugin but does not give any help on setting it up or actually adding a graph.

Graphs need to be created manually and then added manually to your dashboards. Configuring graphs shouldn't be a full-time job.

All in all, although it's a great product it's not really suitable for a scenario where you expect to add or remove hosts regularly. If you're prepared to spend the time learning how to set it up then I think it will be very valuable, but I suspect that it will be expensive to maintain given the manual nature of the setup.

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