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Worth a try. Not best, but not worst.
Price okay, not really too many features, but everything looks very transparent, clean, and nice.


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Lacks many basic features right now like selective sync but the service is still fairly new. Client side encryption is very good but it's behind their premium subscription plans.


I had installed the app in June 2019, as I was con...

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Definitely not recommending this app.

I had installed the app in June 2019, as I was considering my options for Dropbox alternatives. I then uninstalled it because it did not meet my needs (the mounted disk was too slow to communicate with my local disk).

At least I thought I had uninstalled it since it was no longer showing up under Windows "Uninstall Programs" list and Icedrive menu items were no longer showing up in my right click context menu...

Fast forward to today, April 2020, and I'm trying Directory Opus for file management. When I right click on images, I see Icedrive icon again, with the options "Stop Sharing" and "Refresh Cloud Folder". I could not believe it! Upon using Listary to type "icedrive" and locate all instances of the keyword on my hard drive, sure enough I find a sub-folder under my main "D://Programs" folder that contains the famous "uninstall" exe file along with 3 regular app files. I tried 3 times to click on that uninstall exe file and restarted my computer 3 times as well... It just never uninstalled the program. Every time I logged back in Windows, the icedrive folder was there, nothing had changed.

I then had to go into the registry editor to delete the 2 options above from my right click context menu... And now the 2 options are still showing up in Directory Opus but at least clicking on them says that the program is not found.

This is one of the most bizarre uninstall process I had to go through (needless to say, one of the most unnerving as well).

Also: people over Reddit have shown concerns for their TOS / Privacy Policy: https://www.reddit.com/r/privacytoolsIO/comments/b6hnwz/icedrive_nextgeneration_cloud_storage_any_ideas/