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GNU IceCat seems like an excellent alternative to Firefox at first (since it removed all the spyware, of course), but the more I used it, the more I realized this browser isn't worth using.

When I ran IceCat for the first time, It had 15 addons installed (and I think all of them were enabled) by default, including LibreJS and a fake Tor button. There was no easy way to remove these addons. If I tried to install some Firefox addons or any themes, it wouldn't install and instead displayed the text "installation failed because the addon appears to be corrupt".

So it's pretty clear that IceCat doesn't want users to install extra addons and themes or remove their terrible ones. Need I mention this browser is essentially just an older version of Firefox? Unlike Pale Moon, which was forked from an older release and has became it's own independent browser that's updated, IceCat is just an older Firefox version with tweaks, and they are still dependent on Mozilla. What happens when Mozilla decides to remove about:config? IceCat would either have to do the same or just never update their browser.

Overall, this is not a browser worth using. I recommend Pale Moon instead.


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A lighter fork of Firefox, works great on low-end android devices