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Very robust in features on iOS compared to other browsers. Nice to have multiple ways to backup/sink bookmarks and settings.

File download and management is helpful for a number of purposes, also good for handing off to other apps.

Split-screen viewing is convenient for research.

Some features need documentation.

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The mobile version of iCab has a similar set of features to Atomic Web Browser (a.k.a. both browsers have a ridiculous number of features). However, I feel that the design of iCab is a bit slicker than Atomic.

When you first open iCab, the default interface looks like Apple Safari; it's smooth, with subtle grays and curvy lines and everything. But when you open Atomic Web Browser for the first time, you're greeted a gaudy, pitch-black interface. It's not a good first impression. And even once you get past that, some parts of Atomic still look weird (e.g. the stop button next to the loading bar). Basically, iCab looks better in pretty much every single way.

Additionally, when you turn on fullscreen mode in iCab, you get a better set of buttons. The back/forward buttons are on the upper left hand corner, so that you get more room for other buttons on the bottom. Additionally, you can view the website address or perform a search, without having to leave fullscreen mode. You can add a few of these buttons to the fullscreen mode of Atomic Web Browser, but it certainly isn't included by default.