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Be very wary... This is an awkward, immature product

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I switched to ibank, now banktivity, a year & a half ago from Quicken. I've used that & MYM for decades..
I had been looking to replace Quicken - every release shuffled features and added keystrokes with no additional benefit.
ibank promised good things and got good reviews and I was moving to a Mac... seemed logical.
I have had a lot of problems and while it is aesthetically pleasing, the design execution lacks consistency and accounting sense.
They have things like a hard coded running balance that shows up as incoherent depending on your register sort - the balance is for date order only...
changing the account on a transaction split asks if you want to orphan the record in the old account - every time - they told me that made sense.
their 'smart' folders show transactions based on filters at the split level, but add the total of the transaction, not split - they told me that made sense...
Search/selection criteria, specifically time period is different in every case where you use it, Registers, Reports, Smart Folders, etc. lacking obvious filters.
And, the hangups! It eats CPU & RAM, not multi-threaded for updates, you wait every few minutes while it searches for new transactions. every few minutes.
Now, they have taken away the free downloads completely. I had to change a card number due to fraud and the feature is not available that I was using
These are free elsewhere - even to download separately and import.
They also killed the Community Forum. Very Telling!

On a positive note, I love their embedded folder navigation & total design! (although they switched the paradigm half way down for navigating other items..

Be very wary - evaluate all alternatives first.

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