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Project is under active development, and appears to be reputable.

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As far as I'm aware, this anonymous overlay network has recieved few if any audits from a reputable source. They're slow but meticulous in their development cycles. Such a system isn't as easy to configure as something like the Tor Browser, but is just as easy to initially setup. I recommend for scholars, developers wishing to help, and those who are just curious. (Side note: This project has been bundled into TAILS, or The Amnesic Incognito Live System, which likely warrents some inherent value to the privacy and anonymity people can achieve with this service/program.) I may release a full fledged review in the future.


Brilliant idea, if (currently) dog slow

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The idea that you can go to a website, without being able to discover who or where they are, and conversely without them being able to identify you, is absolutely amazing.
The I2P ecosystem, in my brief exposure to it, is functional but exceedingly slow and unreliable, even when compared with Tor which has some similar properties. Also the address book system and lookup services seems a bit clunky. I hope this improves as more people start to get involved and use the system, because it feels like an important step towards freedom on the Internet.


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"I2P is primarily not intended, nor designed, to be used as a proxy to the regular internet."



Project in Zombie state

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While the latest version is 2012. Support Forum is dead. Most links in the Application Website dead. Servers to contact most of time dead if it does still have them.


It is not zombie, the guys were at the Chaos Computer Club event in 2014, and the latest release was in march, 2014. go home, cop, you are drunk.

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