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Imscp is a very good control panel, but the developers don't seem to like anyone using it except themselves.
I have been using it for personal sites for several years now, but it cannot be used to sell web hosting because you cannot download any paid modules such as cron, unless you are a member of their forum, and they do not like accepting new members unless you are a developer. So it's basically for developers only.
Since 2011, the forum has the same amount of members as it's always had, maybe 20 maximum, but they do not respond to requests for admission, so you cannot get support and you cannot add plugins other than free ones, but there aren't sufficient free plugins to make it viable for end users.
A great panel for hosting your own sites, but only the developers can use it commercially. Shame. (I gave it 3 stars because it's for developers only, but it's functionality deserves 5 stars)