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If you have an iphone (I don't anymore) and would love to look at everything in it for management, then I definitely recommend this software. This has been so useful in managing data in my previous apple devices and my friends who have come up to me to save them from any type of issue and having to grab important files from their phones(pics and videos) out and create a backup. Easy to use and great compatibility.


iFunbox Classic is still the best and most unintrusive iPhone manager I ever had.

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This review is for iFunbox Classic, NOT for the actual iFunbox. It works perfectly when it comes to installing or removing programs, backing up files and even saves, adding videos and music and in general doing everything you need. Sadly it does feel kind of crude and users that prefer friendly UI, should opt to the latest normal version. For the rest that are minimalists like me, this is perfect.

Going to the iFunbox site nowadays in the download section you can still see iFunbox Classic, but for some reason download is grayed out.

Main Site

The only way to get it anymore is visit http://dl.i-funbox.com/ where you can find a working link there. I have no idea why they disabled it from their main site, but I am glad their download site has it.

iFunbox Classic is a portable and old version of the program, which lacks probably a lot of features the new one has, with the main ones that I like it lacks, being all the advertisements. It does not intrude in any way and since it is portable no services or startup items are installed either. Currently, using the latest iTunes will render iFunbox Classic useless. If you want to be able to use Classic you need to have installed at most iTunes v12.4.3. Not sure if in the future that will change.

One more thing to mention, is that you can actually have iFunbox Classic (or I guess the normal version for that matter), without even iTunes installed. I have no idea why that is not really somewhere mentioned, or maybe I have not found the right place that mentions it, but it is possible to actually do it. Simply download iTunes v12.4.3 and then right click the exe and open it with 7zip or some other extraction tool. When you will open it, you will see a list of files.


From all these files what you need are only the AppleMobileDeviceSupport and depending if you use the 32 or 64 bit version of iTunes, you will need the 1 or 2 different AppleApplicationSupport. With these installed, you can now use iFunbox and probably other alike managers like it.

All in all i find iFunbox Classic the perfect intrusive minimalist option and highly recommend it, especially when you want to use a portable manager at a friend's house, without installing iTunes.


Doesn't work - Mountain Lion

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I'm using an iMac running 10.7.5
crashes immediately.