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Cool source code, but functionality... :-/

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The fact that Hyper is implemented using Electron in awesome. Begin hosted on GitHub is awesome.

However, feature-wise, even the default GNOME terminal is better. Midnight Commander looks a little shitty in Hyper. And do you honestly need fireworks when you type commands?!

Tabs make it visually hard to distinguish which the active tab is.


You are right, it definitely lacks functionality. But it looks fucking awesome. I mean jaw-dropping Awesome.

Extensions exist.

I have to agree. It lacks features compared with others. But it's visually configurable with CSS, I think that's the selling point. I've configured it to have animated CSS scanlines. It's also a way to create custom "skins" for console apps like roguelikes (I love me some classic roguelike games).

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Finally good looking terminal. Unfortunately, really heavy on resources and sometimes influences system performance.

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I am looking for the iTerm of Windows. Electron-based... eww. Also, very first experience: Ctrl+C, which in every single other console clears the command and gets you a clean prompt. Nope, not here.