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Hype is the only choice if you want to make interactive, object based animations. There are so overwhelmingly many options just in the suspiciously simple graphical user interface, but don't be fooled, there are tons of features hiding. JavaScript is also supported for those who speak that tongue.

Knowing Photoshop (and it's frustrating timeline feature), Illustrator, InDesign and a bit of Adobe Animate, I didn't need to watch/read any tutorials at all to be able to create almost anything I can imagine. This is thanks to the very logical interface, everything is where I would expect them to be, and the experience using Hype is probably the most smooth I've tried in any application ever. Really.

Also the community is extraordinarily friendly, and the devs are constantly active. The price is also really fair for what you get (extremely fair compared to Adobe applications), and there's an advantageous student discount. Can't think of anything bad to say about Hype, I'm pretty Hyped about it (best pun). It's my new favourite application. There you go. Buy it.

[Edited by uhada, August 06]

[Edited by uhada, August 06]