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Maintaining any large reference file set or just a...

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The best thing made since sliced bread.

Maintaining any large reference file set or just archiving parts of the internet you'd like to keep around after the internet infrastructure eventually fails has proven to be a nightmare in the past. Hydrus lets you organize all of that, making it easier to search for content afterwards.

It supports custom tag repositories associated by file hashes & fetching tags online via *booru sites that have a matching file. Also lets you append source links of files In cases where you want to go to exactly where you downloaded the file(s) from.

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There's no alternative for this all in one media-tagger-database-organization-tool-with-inbuilt-download-functionality-for-many-popular-sites ... The developer is releasing new versions every week and is very active on the official 8ch board as well as on his tumblr where he answers a lot of questions.


8chan ..
... Tumblr ??

Oh, lawdy, someone's got a sense of humour, like them already ; )

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As someone that enjoys keeping large image collections, this software is a god-send. Attempting to manage and search through these files using the Windows file explorer is not only slow, but imprecise. Because of this, I've been wishing for a booru-style file manager for years and I'll be damned, it's existed all this time! And it is just as glorious as I imagined. Searching for files is far more precise and results fetch about 10x faster.

The transition will take some time, as importing and tagging my files manually is an arduous task that is going to take many hours to complete. But this is due to my insistence on using a personal tagging system. Were I so inclined, Hydrus has options to auto-tag your files based on what other users have tagged them in the past, forgoing the need to tag them yourself — provided someone else has tagged them, and you approve of their tag system, that is.

My main criticism would be that the UI can be a tad confusing at first, especially with how many options need to be displayed, but this is nowhere near a deal-breaker; You just need to take some time to figure it out. The included help files are very useful for initial setup, with the official Discord server being a good place to ask further questions if you find yourself in need.


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Hydrus is incredibly powerful and the community is very helpful.


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