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Poorly documented and very difficult to get anything working beyond the most basic web scrapping. Even something like making a POST request is not directly supported by the web scrapper.

JavaScript agent seems like the solution to get more advanced logic working, but it's very limited in terms of error handling and logging. If there's an error parsing some JSON, it will just tell you "unexpected token" with no information where this token is, so up to you to find it in the giant JSON blob. Eventually I found it was due to a "\n" character, even thought that can be parsed fine with any parser out there.

Also difficult to setup - there's a Docker image but if you want to setup SMTP, etc. you'll need to use env variables that don't seem to be documented anywhere. Probably the best is to not use Docker but then of course you have to manually install everything.

Basically, if you have a lot of time to spare and enjoy spending days configuring servers and trying to make sense of nonsensical errors, that might work for you, but otherwise give it a pass.