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HRC2 Developer here with what makes this app awesome & unique!

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Hello there!

I am the original developer of HRCloud2 here to tell you what sets this application apart from the norm and from it's competition.

To start with, HRCloud2 is installed onto your own server. You always have 100% control over your data because you are the only one in possession of it. Nobody can ever cancel your account, revoke service, or renege on a contract. Nobody will impose restrictions on your files and you won't have to worry about TOS violations or privacy impediments.

HRCloud2 builds upon the observed industry standards for personal Cloud hosting set by applications like Seafile, ownCloud, and Pydio and adds the missing features that commercial Cloud users expect. Features like creating folders, converting files between formats, OCR'ing images into documents or PDF's, simple image editing like rotate, resize, and convert, music playlist creation and high compatibility streaming, archiving and de-archiving, searching for files, and even updating A/V and scanning uploads and directories for viruses. HRCloud2 also includes an AppLauncher platform for writing/hosting your own Apps from home, and includes a couple to get you started. HRCloud2 even includes 4x user-selectable color schemes.

To protect the security of your server and the privacy of your users, HRCloud2 utilizes the same mechanisms for user creation, password handling, and authentication management as WordPress. If your server has WordPress installed, HRCloud2 will automatically integrate itself with WordPress, but will NEVER modify your database. If WordPress is not installed HRCloud2 will install what it needs to get you up and running. Although a database is required to store and manage user accounts and user meta, NO data regarding ANY HRCloud2 operation will be stored in the database. A map of an HRCloud2 database and a stock WordPress database are identical. No user directories, notes, contacts or filenames are stored in the database... EVER. All cache files are internally generated and controlled. User directories are hashed with the Salts provided in config.php and index.html files are included or copied to document roots as needed for protecting against brute-force URL guessing. User uploaded files are permanently stored in non-hosted directories and only copied to temporary hosted directories when needed and are automatically deleted every 15 minutes. If Virus Scanning is enabled on the HRCloud2 settings page ClamAV definitions are updated and the appropriate files/directories being affected are scanned automatically. A full scan can be performed manually at any time on the entire HRCloud2 environment via the button on the Settings page. Authentication of logged-in users is automatic and internally controlled and is NOT a variable of the API. The API is fairly straightforward and allows users to create their own mobile apps, GUI's, or platform around the HRCloud2 Core without compromising their server or the HRCloud2 Core security features.

Install HRCloud2 onto your home server or NAS device today and stop paying big bucks for services you already possess! Check out the official Github for more info! https://github.com/zelon88/HRCloud2

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[Edited by justingrimes, November 10]