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Pandora is blocked in Canada, but this great little program unblocked it


Hola will use you as a exit node

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"Be aware that Hola will use you as a exit node or as an intermediate node if you're not paying for premium. If somebody does something malicious and you're the exit node then you may be liable for it depending on your country of residence. If you're just an intermediate node in their P2P network then you'll have some of your upstream/downstream used up by Hola when it is running." Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/AdviceAnimals/comments/2ckpiv/not_too_long_ago_reddit_taught_me_about_hola_just/cjglk37

I've decided to give ZenMate a try instead.

There was some concern that by selling our VPN services to enterprise customers, we were possibly exposing our users to cyber criminal traffic that could get them in trouble (Thus the ‘botnet’ accusation). The reality is that we have a record of the real identification and traffic of the Luminati users, such that if a crime is committed, we can report this to the authorities, and thus the criminal is immediately identified. This makes the Hola/Luminati network unattractive to criminals - as opposed to Tor for example, which provides them complete anonymity for free.


Last week a spammer used Luminati by posing as a corporation. He passed through our filters and was able to take advantage of our network. We analyzed the incident, and built the necessary measures in our processes to ensure that such incidents do not occur, and deactivated his service. We will cooperate with any investigation of the incident to ensure that he will be punished to the fullest extent.

In 2011 a hacker paid Amazon and used their servers to attack the Sony Playstation network. Following such attacks, Amazon required additional proof of identity from customers for use of their network. At Hola we learned the same lesson this past week, and will be developing technological monitoring solutions to minimize the risk of abuse.