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The best Free Editor so far

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If you'd like to edit your videos like a professional and don't have money to invest in very expensive software, you should use HitFilm Express.

It's perfect for beginners and intermediate editors. If you want to add some extensions, the cost is very accessible which makes HitFilms Express even more powerful.

Easy to learn. The official youtube channel is full of tutorials.

You can edit videos, also compose them. Accept 3D and lot's of effects are included for free + extensions packages with lower cost.

I use it in all my videos, some viewers think I'm using Premiere and After Effects, but nop! I'm only using HitFilm Express.

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It provides a rather impressive number of features. I've used this software for two years and I got used to the software in about a month or two with no prior editing software experience. This can possibly rival much of the professional software out there. Best of all; it's free. Great software.


A good clean alternative to Adobe Preimie

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So, far using it I have very few complaints. It looks clean and well polished for a free demon/test it is well thought out to be usable yet, encourages you to spend money with them.

Only problems I do have is

  1. To sign/ receive the free demo you must spam your personal social media with their product. Yes, you can download it but you still need a key to activate the free mode.
  2. A little too many features in my opinion for running a quick edit.
  3. Doesn't use the 32 gigs I have on my computer instead proceeds to read/write to the disk constantly while editing. That's is gonna really hurt your disk drives in the long run.