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best free hosting

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• Completely Free hosting with no limitation
• Good User Interface
• Lot of plugins including blogs, micro blogs, portals, forums, etc
Require some time to create account and live a website


Awesome service, no price

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Long time user here...it really doesn't get much better than this. Good uptime, great features, and customer support that's friendly and cares (their support is forum-based, many of their admins are just other users who've been there forever and know the service well). They currently don't offer "freemium" / paid upgrades like others in this market...the only money they accept is donations.

They support nearly every popular web programming language out there, including less common ones like Ruby on Rails and ones that are often not found for free, like Java. They also use cPanel, so if you've used a host with that before, you'll know how to use their services going in. They also have a script installer (softaculous), so anybody can install software for things like blogs and forums and not worry about the technical details as much if they don't want to.

Just be aware that they limit signups per day on their two production-grade servers (the Ricky and Tommy plans). It's best to sign up right at midnight UTC if you want a production-grade account. Avoid the Johnny plan if you need production-grade hosting (Johnny is meant for experiments and testing, and is very slow at times).