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Ok, it won't work already.
At least for me.
I open... for example g.e-hentai.org, i find interested doujin, i copy/paste page adress with doujin URL to "add" window, i press the "add" button, aaaand... silence.
The doujin title doesn't add to the list.
I even try it with different pages and separated images.

What the hell i doing wrong???


That's usually caused by one of two things:

  • Your .NET Framework installation is outdated.
  • You have a firewall blocking the program from accessing the internet.

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Pretty good. My only complaint is it takes a long time to download stuff. Is there any way to make it faster? Like Unchecking Limit download speed or somethin'?


Oh sorry, I just noticed the "Upgrade" thing.

Really awesome Manga Downloader!

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A manga downloaded that supports a large list of online manga read sites? Yes please!

It feels really well made and really fast when it comes to downloading. The free version gives 25 daily free downloads, which means that you can down 25 whole volumes of manga! If you just download manga to just read them, then you can even settle with that one. If you feel like supporting the creator, that seems to be super active and caring about his creation, or maybe you want to get a version that will let you download a ton of manga for your manga folder, get the full version for currently a mere 20$. I say 20$, since personally would not pay 10$ for 1 year, when I can pay 20 for a lifetime.

Afar from the normal downloading features, it offers the choice to pack the files for you in a couple archive formats, including CBZ and CBR or PDF. It renames pages and names folders according to what you want and has many options for different naming patterns that is fully customizable.

It has even more features, but above all it feels like I said well made and well loved by it's creator. It has been out for about over a year now, so time will speak louder, but at least right now I believe it is the best of it's kind!