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Probably the best checksum utility for Windows

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Biggest upside of this tool is the fact it's integrated with shell, since such a basic functionality should be instantly accessible with seamless feel, and HashCheck does the job perfectly. Also being open source is a huge plus.


NOW updated! v2.4 as of 090716 now has SHA-256 and many more

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Site newb here, 1st post. Sorry for a bit of title shouting but previous reviews are now not as current. See the GitHub (more towards pg bottom for windows) for this handy utility, now updated to v2.4 as of Sept 7, 2016. Still small footprint, still seamless integration into Windows shell adds "Checksums" tab to file Properties page. Copy/Pasta hash from site into Find box, press find and successful hash match will highlight. Multiple file speed is improved. YMMV, I'm on Win7SP1 patched, so I can't comment Win8/10. I grabbed IfranView64 off their website, bounced to Downloads.net and verified my files quite easily.


Very useful

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Open source, free, user-friendly, practical, useful, lightweight... I strongly recommend this application.


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It is better than HashTab. It's a open source.


Almost perfect.

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Easy to use. fast. open source. Almost perfect. I wish it supported SHA-512.


A checksum tool have NO checksum on it's page and not digitally signed.

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This tool is used to verify a file is original, by calculating md5 / sha1 etc

yet on it's own webpage,

NO md5 / sha1 for THIS program itself is given.
The program is NOT digitally signed.

It's like an insurance sales who him/herself don't buy an insurance.



SHA256 checksums have been provided with every release for at least a year by the time this comment was written. Since September 2016, binaries are also digitally signed.

It should be noted that, unlike the digital signature, the checksum does not ensure any trust or integrity. Seeing as you get the hash file from the same source as the application itself, if one was compromised, then so would the other. The checksum can help detect transfer issues or file corruption, although that is very unlikely to happen to a 500 kB installer. Which, more importantly, comes as an LZMA-packed NSIS installer, and as such already contains a checksum self-verification, so the hash file is largely redundant.

Copy paste from the download site:
@gurnec gurnec released this on 8 Sep 2016 ยท 1 commit to master since this release

497 KB HashCheckSetup-v2.4.0.exe
93 Bytes HashCheckSetup-v2.4.0.exe.sha256"

I wonder what this small 93 KB file is for...

I am writing the 1st comment in dec of 2015, and from Anamon's post of feb 2017, the sha256 is only added AFTER my post.

Anyone who ask what the .sha256 file is, is wasting our TIME.

@LT: You're right, I forgot that you could add additional files to GitHub releases for as long as you want. When I wrote my comment, I just saw that release v2.2.2 from 7 Dec 2014 had an .sha256 file, but of course it could have been added after your comment. GitHub says the file's last modified date is actually 23 May 2017, which also doesn't make any sense since it was already there when I commented in Feb 2017. But anyway, as mentioned the file is pretty much superfluous anyway.

Only a few supported hash function

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It should support sha2 (256,384,512) .
It makes this software only to this category: "meh' forget it... a joke"

Try this one:
Fsum Frontend


It is discontinued.