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We have created Happy Mood Score to be the easiest and fastest way to manage a group of people. It's really useful if you have remote employees, digital nomads or distributed teams.

The dashboard will show you all the information you need both globally as a team and individually per employee. Check trends to detect how the engagement rate is evolving on each employee.

Employee dashboard


Based on the frequency you select: daily, weekly or monthly, we send an email to your team members asking them how was their day/week/month. They can vote for one of these three options: As expected, better than expected or worse than expected. Based on their votes we keep track of their mood status and present the information to you so you can easily know how your team is doing both globally as a team and individually.

With each vote team members can leave an optional message explaining why they choose that option. This is the kind offeedback team managers really need. You can easily detect problems and react before they spread accross the team and you can incentivate good practices that improve the morale. It proves itself very effective if you work with remote workers or distributed teams.

Employee feedback

There is much more available in Happy Mood Score and it's free so give it a try. Create your account.