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This review is for the v3.0, which as it is mentioned by alternativeTo, it is the last English version from 2012.

By far, it is the best multi-archiver software I ever used and I have been using it for years, ever since I found it. There are some features that it has, that Peazip, which has been too for years my second favourite multi-archiver lacks.

One of them is that you can run a program directly from inside the zip, without extracting it. It probably extracts it in a temporary directory, acting like Winrar would.

Second feature that Peazip lacks is that with Haozip you have select the files you want and extract only them, from within an archive. With Peazip it seems it extracts the full path, so if i try to extract something that is inside a folder in the archive file, it will extract the files with the folder along, even if I just wanted the files. Not exactly sure if there is an option to ignore the full path about that.

Third one is that Peazip seems to show sometimes all files and folders in a single directory. As in it ignores the structure inside the compressed file, just showing every file there is in. I think that happens in password locked files, but I am not 100% sure that is the reason.

Last one is that I can't delete files from within Peazip. Not a big problem, but it is useful how in Haozip I can extract files and then instantly delete what I do not want, rather than going back and forth between it and the folder the compressed file was in.

Sadly since 2012 it is obvious that lacks of updates would affect Haozip. It is very rare, but sometimes I end up getting archives it can't open. Still though it is worth using as the main archiver for me.

With what ShaManiac256, I looked around and actually found that the unofficial Russian version includes indeed an English translation too. Seems the latest as of now is version (HaoZip_v5.9.6_RUS.zip). I am really happy to see that it had English as part of it too. Googling it will probably give you the Russian forum that you can get the file from. If you do find it where I did and it asks you for a password, the password will be just the name of the forum it was found under. Sorry I do not feel like sharing the name of the site I found it at, but again google will help.

Just to point out, this Haozip version might have crapware in it, unlike 3.0, so if you will get it, do it at your own discretion! You can check the VirusTotal to see that a lot of engines have it marked as such, with big ones like Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Comodo, McAfee, Microsoft, Panda and Symantec, while other big names seem to find it safe, like Avira, Eset and Kaspersky.

Codomo fired me a warning while I was trying to install, which I just ignored and let Haozip install after. Scanning afterwards my PC with Malwarebytes resulted with giving one "potentially unwanted program" (Non-malware thus crapware), which is 2345Explorer found in C:\Users[Username]\Appdata\Local and marked it as Pup.Optional.Elex. Cleaning it did not seem to cause any problems from Haozip. From a brief search that seems to be something that affects browsers, but it might be just part of Haozip's own internal browser, as at least my Chrome was not affected even before I cleaned it.

Scanning with Comodo Antivirus yielded no results. Also an extra check with RKill, AdwCleaner amd Junkware had some extra results, so I suggest you at least run them once, if you will install Haozip, especially RKill to make sure your HOSTS file is clean. Be careful what you delete with AdwCleaner if you use it.

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Haozip is Awesome, at last some archiver that feels good, thanx Japan <3

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I downloaded the english version by googling haozip english, simply... Really quick to install and set and it offers some very awesome features... I'm very thankful

(Hey? is this a forum message or a software comment? isn't obvious)


Did you mean thanks China maybe?

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Latest version is 5.9.3, but without any translation, even no english.
Still, there are not-official translations, and i can say latest HaoZip is really fast, has clean UI, etc. What ruins all is that non-official translations are not good


The best.

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It has the best stuff of all worlds.

  • Free with no ads or any other crap.
  • Clean installation.
  • Very clean and pretty User Interface.
  • Very Fast.
  • Compatible with all most known formats.
  • Virtual Drive
  • Image browser.
  • Many more stuff.

The only problem I had was downloading it from their website. Slow and hanged a lot.

I used to use IZArc. Abandoned it because of all the crap-ware that was added.

Changed to Haozip. Do not regret it at all.


Great archiver, definitely recommended

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I've used this for probably over 2 years now and it is just great. I've had WinRAR, 7-Zip, PeaZIP, etc in the past, and they all have their merits, but I've found HaoZIP to be fast, efficient, unobtrusive and just really great to use. It scans archives when you open them and includes little utilities (eg, image viewer, MD5 checksum, virtual disk, hardware benchmark) that, while being not so useful to me, might be what another user needs.

The only "con" I could say would be that this program comes from China, and therefore that might put some people off. But let me assure you that there are no Chinese characters in the English version and no terribly noticeable translation errors. If the name wasn't so obvious and you knew nothing of this, you'd probably think it's just another "Western" archiver.

But yeah, go ahead and give this program a shot.


It's powerful...

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It's powerful, for sure. WinRAR like interface makes it easy-to-use.


Yea haozip is great compared to winrar

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I had winrar, but because I was running out of space on my drive I uninstalled it and installed haozip. It does everything but better (and that popup doesnt appear :P )


Great alternative to WinRAR

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HaoZip is a great freeware alternative to commercial archiver WinRAR. It's interface and features are very much similar to WinRAR, because of which one will find it very easy to move from WinRAR to HaoZip. Like WinRAR it has a powerful self extracting archive creator. HaoZip also comes with some handy tools like image viewer, image converter, md5 checksum calculator, batch renamer etc.