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The program has potential but the current implementation is complete and utter garbage. Can't add per-app firewall where one could allow any and all connections when requested by a given app, Furthermore if one does add it then there's a plethora of system or daemons activity that will constantly bug you to grant or deny access. I even set "always" by default and set to allow any network access... but somehow the same processes would recurrently come up and ask for access.

Eventually after a week the program completely drove me up a wall and I uninstalled if for good. It's THE WORST program I've ever used in my entire life as it had the potential to drive me completely mad, coming in the way of work so often to become a true torture tool.

The person in charge of UX at oneperiodic must be a genuine sadist or perhaps he'd never used the program on a regular basis.

Furthermore I tried to suspend the firewall by Disabling rules... but it would have no effect to the extent of preventing HandsOff! from constantly prompting to grant or deny access to this or that program or system process. I Then also tried via preferences to disable monitor... same outcome. There seem no way to deactivate the program when user wishes to do so.

If there was a possibility to rate with negative stars I'd do so because for the level of frustration this garbage causes those who try it, they should be the ones who pay users, not vice versa.

I was looking for an alternative to Little Snitch since due to upgrading to Mojave I found later myself to be forced to upgrade to version 4 as the application gave no prior warning nor I received a notification from the developers that it would be the case as a current user of v.3.x

I am still going to try other alternatives as while I do support devs of good programs (and it's not the case of the revolting, frustrating, bugger that handsoff is), I never appreciate not being given a heads up when upgrading OS will mean losing the ability to use a program I've paid for.


Such a bad licensing policy

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I bought HandsOff! few monthes ago. It works pretty well...when it works, but crashes a lot without notifying anything ! Your firewall falls down, and you cannot notice anything...

Moreover, One Periodic asked me to pay again $20 to get the version 3 that just adds...Mac OSX El Capitan support. That is a shame.

Better get Little Snitch which has a better reputation. And above all, do not get into their pricing gears. They will ask you to pay a new license for every MacOS X updates without really new features ; and they are not ashamed about it.