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This program crash all the time for me.Video Monkey works much better.

The interface is so annoying, I'm surprised that anyone uses this program. I double checked if I downloaded the right program. Now let's hope I can find something better in the alternatives list.

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Handbrake is just awesome..!

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Handbrake is an awesome app for cropping and compressing video. Powerful, yet quite easy to use!


Just go online

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I needed a mpeg fro my ppt, but the program couldn't give me a video that worked on libreoffice, the online converter worked perfectly. Though i say this, the other desktop converters seem horrible and this one seems to have a good enough interface for newbies.
Edit: Just used it to convert some flv's from OBS for my PPT, worked just fine.
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If you can't convert a format, you usually can get a codec pack, like K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, which will give the ability of a handful of programs to convert many more formats.


Finally some honest video convertor

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Maybe slow, but people like me wants quality and not fast CUDA powered crap. Compare video encoded on the same settings with CUDA acceleration and software encoding. You will see, or maybe not - and thats why is out there lot of video convertors with CUDA and big advertisement headlines: 100x faster with CUDA! Because people see no difference - mainly mainstream people. But there is difference. I can say, I had commercial video conversion software and I encoded video into standard MP4 with H.264 and AAC, you know the drill. And i wonder: "Why is file-size of encoded video so big and quality so low?" I used good settings, I know what I do, all was CUDA fault. With handbrake I feel power - power in my hands, and I have the option to configure x264 settings. Last thing - handbrake is 64-bit convertor. I love it. Yes, it has only output into mp4 or mkv, but hand on heart - who would in present want something else? AVI or MPEG2? History. Or maybe WMV? No way.

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Best tool for creating mp4 files, can handle every source file I throw at it. Files that SUPER and Videora fumbled with audio delays, converted perfectly with Handbrake. And the only freeware tool that seems to be able to handle m2ts files.

I'd recommend downloading one of the "nightly builds" from the forum, has a lot more features.


Handbrake is too complicated. Use Freemake!

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Handbrake is really out of date and too complicated. Use Freemake. Freemake is where it's at.

FreeMake is not even close to Handbrake especially when it comes to compression. Handbrake is slower, but so much better on the end result.

I might as well throw in an opinion here. Freemake has the best interface I've ever seen on a video converter. Handbrake might be more reliable (though I can't vouch for that), but most people are going to have a lot better time using Freemake.

True: Handbrake is more advanced and for the experienced user. Freemake has a very easy intuitive interface with many presets.

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Amazing that it is free.
A must to get movies onto iPod and iPad and iPhone.
However, mpg to mp4 transcoding on a Mac was fruitless for me. (Corrupt file.)


Handbrake convert video

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Handbrake is more of a DVD converter rather than a general video converter. It is the best in the market for handling stuff like chapters, subtitles, etc. But to convert video, I'd recommend Acethinker Video Converter, the conversion speed is faster than handbrake. And it's totally free.