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simple is beautiful

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I have used gubb since 2009. What I love about gubb is its total minimalist approach to lists. Gubb doesn't pretend to be a to-do site or app (though it can be used as such). It just lets you keep lists. It is kind of like sticky notes, but everything is stored in the cloud. That might not sound like much now, but when I first started with gubb cloud storage wasn't nearly as common as it is now. I stick with Gubb out of loyalty .. and also because it has stuck to its guns and kept everything simple.

I tried to-do apps in the past, things based on GTD for example (e.g. RTM), but eventually I give up on them because it is just too much trouble maintaining my todo lists.

You know what? I KNOW how to write a list. I KNOW how to get things done. I don't need no stinking app making me spend too much time managing and maintaining my lists. That isn't making life simpler, it is making life more cluttered.

Thank you, gubb, for keeping it simple all these years!