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Works great on Linux. I had to use Windows recently and was surprised that it was now multi-platform. It can be installed or run as a standalone app. It's my go-to when running any Linux distro, however the size required on Windows is far too large for it to be recommended. (150Mb) If you need an option for Windows I would go with OpenHashTab which is also Open Source!


Thanks for highlighting the Windows install size issue. This was caused by some unnecessary files being included in the release. The next version should be about 60MB when installed, which is still not very small, but it will be difficult to reduce it much further.

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Very useful!

Blake2, SHA3 and Wirlpool are not available in the pre-build installer, to use those you must enable (& download) them when you compile it from source:

  • nettle
  • blake2
  • linux-crypto

thunar-gtkhash is also a good "extension" for it