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A great software!

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I'm quite happy with gSyncit paid version. For me gSyncit works perfectly and does what it's supposed to do. There have been 3 or 4 updates monthly, but I confess I don't need to update all the time, because I don't have problems synchronizing my Google Calendar with MS Outlook Calendar (and tasks). I would definitely recommend gSyncit to anyone who wants to have a decent software for synchronizing accounts.


Stay away from gSync

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Stay away from gSync. This company, which seems like it consist of only one person, certainly does fishy business. After you will buy their software, they will force you to pay more and more money in order to keep software working. Also has worst customer service ever, simply because owner and customer service representative is same person, so they do not care about customer service and all they care about is to get more money out of you. Not professional and will send you rude emails.

I have a paid version of gSyncit and receive full support (never needed it anyway because the software works perfectly), including the updates and don't have to pay anything else for that. I'm quite satisfied with gSyncit. It does synchronize Google and MS Office calendars, tasks, etc.
P.S.: indeed, for those who acquired a previous version than 4.0, I read in gSyncit website there's an extra fee for upgrading, but I can't tell you the amount gSyncit cost before V4.0, which I suppose was less than anyone who goes directly to V4.0


Warning - sway away

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This company which seems like it consist of only one person, certainly does fishy business. I’ve bought their software which came with free support, however in few month they asked me to pay more money if I want software to keep functioning. Sending them emails, had no results. They send me very rude emails telling me that I don’t know anything about software engineering, and then told me to pay money and refused to provide refund. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! BUYER BE WARE!!!